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Welcome to “Talk 49ers Football,” a place for the Niner Faithful to chat about all things Red and Gold. We’ll get the conversation started with unique game recaps, box score breakdowns, matchup previews, and betting odds summaries. Where it goes from there is up to you!

Like the gold prospectors who flocked to the Bay Area in 1849, the Niners franchise has always been willing to take big risks and venture into the unknown. From Red Hickey’s invention of the shotgun formation in the 1960’s, through Bill Walsh’s revolutionary West Coast offense in the 1980’s, to the early incorporation of the zone read option in the 2010’s, the Niners have always been willing to push the envelope and zig when other teams zag. It’s no wonder they’ve repeatedly struck it rich, with 5 Super Bowl titles and a record 17 NFC championship appearances.

Following that innovative tradition, here at “Talk 49ers” we strive to provide a fresh perspective. There are plenty of content mills churning out recycled takes. We produce original content from outside the mainstream media assembly line, and strive to build a place for fans that isn’t just another cookie-cutter subsidiary of a corporate conglomerate.

We won't simply summarize the social media hive mind or dangle stale click-bait headlines. Our little corner of the web provides a no-nonsense forum to discuss, debate and celebrate one of the NFL’s most storied franchises.

Thanks for visiting, and let's get the conversation going!
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Mark A. Rowland

49er enthusiast and fantasy football player. Favorite player is Roger Craig.