The best of NFL’s week 5: What we learned

Another NFL weekend has come after 15 games in a row this past Sunday and Monday. Our team brings the best analysis ahead of what is to come. This is also your best shot to know what happened on the best football in the NFL to help you with your Fantasy Football.

The best from Sunday’s game

With 14 games in a row, we should take a look at the best player from all of the action this past Sunday. Take a look at it:

Josh Allen – an NFL rising star

The Buffalo Bills quarterback has been in decent form so far this season. Against the Steelers, Josh Allen got 424 yards, with four touchdown passes, and one interception. He has helped the Bills hammer with a 38-3 knockdown atop the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Allen finished the day with 151 career offensive touchdowns in his 66th NFL game. 

He’s the fourth player in NFL history to catch the 150 mark in 70 or rarer rounds, joining the group with NFL legends such as Patrick Mahomes (60), Dan Marino (61), and Aaron Rodgers (70). 

Plus, Allen’s first touchdown of the day has equaled a record with Hall of Famer Peyton Manning – for the most such touchdowns in a player’s first five seasons in NFL history. 

According to the NFL, Josh Allen had an outstanding night with 348 pass yards and four touchdowns in the first half in Week 5. 

This number pushed him to the second-most pass yards in a first half since play-by-play data was tracked in 1991.

The Best of the Monday Night Football

Patrick Mahomes was the best player of the night. Nevertheless, anyone expected a good performance from the boy wonder as he has shown how talented he has been since his debut.

The Chiefs quarterback has achieved 292 yards and four TD, and it was enough to steal a win for the Raiders with a tinny advantage.

The Kansas City Chiefs have grabbed a 30-39 win over the Las Vegas Raiders. But, even though, Derick Carr tried to continue to deliver his best on the pitch with 241 yards and two TD.

Those were the best updates for week five. Stay tuned for more content on Fantasy Football.